Written by David Algie. Posted in ACA3

Hello, my name is David Algie, chief cook and bottle washer of Algie Composite Aircraft. I am a 27 year Indy car fabrication and design veteran. Some of my career highlights:

Indy cars are a technologically advanced four-wheeled inverted aircraft; they produce double their weight in down force (lift in reverse) and generate 5g's of cornering energy at speeds up to 240 mph. Constructing and developing these cars for years, I always wanted to bring their technology to the kit aircraft industry. Drivers routinely survive 75g crashes, and fuel fires are a rare occurrence. Their fit and finish, strength and low weight certainly should be standard for aircraft. After inspecting a few of the best (and most expensive) kits out there, I realized that "state of the art" in kit planes equaled poor component fit and unfinished detail work, all equating to years longer than necessary to construct. This also meaning superior skill levels needed to even start and is the reason most of these types of kit aren't constructed by the owner, but "farmed out" to A&P shops.

This being a mold-type (not mold-less involving Styrofoam, etc.) aircraft, it is really easy to produce many more identical parts once you have the female molds complete. Most companies who produce a kit have many paid employees who, while working on prototypes, are not turning a single profit dollar. The company then has to amortize every kit sold to offset the initial loss. With Algie Composite Aircraft, there are very low overheads to cover, and with only a couple of people working on the project, the "Design to build" information crossover is immediate. Once the initial aircraft are produced, the production batch will have very little added cost of the original design and tooling tacked on. Also, all of the bugs will be worked out before any components are sold.

If you have any questions or inquiries or would just like to see more of this unique aircraft or be involved in any way, send me an E-mail. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will answer all replies.