Air Racing

Written by David Algie. Posted in ACA3

*For quite a while now, and especially since the "Kitplane Class" was started, I really wanted to go racing with the LP1. The design is a natural for competition and, by no accident, is built with large amounts of race components and ideas.

I have been involved in racing cars almost all my life, driven in competition for a number of years and been part of winning some of the world's great races. I think I can come up with a perfect package for this exciting class, based on the LP1. It, as the rules state, would still be a kitplane, but would be modified in certain ways to increase safety and performance.

One important change would be to increase the strength of the main cabin. It is designed for pressurization right now and would be an easy change to make it completely crashworthy. This concept allows for greater engine output as an engine failure becomes a possible off-field safe landing instead of a life endangering problem.

Other changes are really easy; the gearbox has changeable ratios that allow for higher reduction ratios. Increase the revs, increase the horsepower. You can gear the engine to rev as high as your checkbook will allow and still keep the prop in its ideal range. Note that this is something most certified engines cannot do.

If all of this has sparked your racing bug, we need to talk. I would really like to be involved in your Reno dreams as your aircraft supplier. I love to race and would love to compete as a manufacturer through a few enthusiastic pilot/team owners.

If this sounds like something you are capable of, please send me an email through the link below.